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Mint Condition Vertical Form Fill and Seal Bagging System (CV-620 4S)

This Vertical Form Fill and Seal bagging machine is practically brand new and is ready to elevate your package appearance and increase production output. The CV-620 4S utilizes roll stock material to form a VFFS Quad Package with a 4-sided seal to create practical and attractive finished package.

This machine and package style finds applications across a diverse range of industries due to its efficiency, versatility, and ability to create a secure and visually appealing packaging. Making it suitable for almost any industry or product, while reaching speeds of 45 packages per minute.

This bagging machine has the capabilities to be utilized with or without the clipping device, giving you a wider range of package capabilities and enhanced freshness.

The clipping device integrated within this bagger facilitates a resealable feature, allowing consumers to open and close the package multiple times once the main seal has been opened. This is particularly advantageous for products that are consumed over time, such as snacks, frozen foods, or other perishable items.

CV-620 4S Vertical Bagging Machine Information:

  • PLC control with stable reliable biaxial high accuracy output and color touchscreen.
  • Separate circuit boxes for pneumatic and power control, low noise and more stable.
  • Film-pulling with servo motor double belt: less pulling resistance, bag is formed in consistent shape with better appearance.
  • External film releasing mechanism allows for simpler and easier installation and changing of packing film.
  • Speed capabilities up to 45 PPM.
  • Max Film Width: 520 mm
  • Power Requirements: 220V/1 phase, 2.8kw

Can be easily integrated into full packaging line including product feeding and weighing systems with optional checkweigher or metal detector (Specific machines tailored to each unique project/product)