Brown RSC boxes. Doesn't everyone use these.... So automatic your process. We all know where a box goes; to recycling.

RSC boxes are the most commonly used in North America. We can fill these automatically and seal via tape or glue inline.

Auger Filling and Weighing

VCF (50-1000)

Volumetric Cup Filler

Main application is to accurately measure and dispense a predetermined volume of granular or free-flowing products into containers, such as bottles, containers, or pouches. This ensures precise and consistent filling, contributing to the efficiency and quality of the packaging operation. Volumetric Cup Filler can be adjusted for various sizes.  Includes large hopper 4 rotary cups […]

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Case Packing Solutions



Used in the packaging process to quickly and accurately measure the weight of products. It ensures that the items being packaged are within specified weight limits, helping to maintain consistency and quality control. Can be integrated with metal detectors or X-ray machines. Along with multiple reject system options.

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Top and Bottom Taper

Case Sealer

It efficiently applies tape or adhesive to securely seal the top and bottom flaps of corrugated boxes or cartons. By automating this task, this machine enhances productivity, reduces manual labor, and ensures consistent and reliable sealing for storage, shipping, or distribution.

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Automatic Case Erector

Case Erector

Efficiently erects and forms cardboard cases. With its advanced automation features and user-friendly controls, it helps maximize productivity while minimizing errors and machine downtime. Its quick-change features make it adaptable to various case sizes and styles, seamlessly integrating into existing production lines

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CCE-40E & CCS-50

Case Erector and Sealer

This integrated system seamlessly combines a high-performance case erector and a robust case sealer, offering a complete end-to-end solution for automating your packaging line. Automatically erect the case tape the bottom, cases stops at loading station for manually loading or add a pick and place then onto automatic closing with top tape to ensure your […]

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Robot Palletizer

This pallet building machine accurately picks and places cases up to 30KG (66 pounds), with advanced human collaborative technology that allows humas to safely work alongside the machine to seamlessly constructs sturdy pallets and streamline your logistics. Max reach of 1,900 mm and 0.05mm repeatability.

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Conveyor System

Auger Refill System

Incline Conveyors

This conveyor is suitable for multiple types of products, It is mainly applied in lifting powdered, granules, and other fine substances to the auger filler for automatically weighing, such as flour, coffee powder, milk powder, food additives and spices, etc. The product feeding of the conveyor is controlled to retain the product level in the […]

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Quality Control Solutions


Metal Detectors

Ensuring only those products without metal contamination pass through. Easy to integrate and the ultimate solution for ensuring product purity and safety!

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L6 Singulator

Sorting / Counting systems

Counting system for 6 different items or one.  Create the variety flavour of package you wish on demand to the exact count

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L4 Singulator

Sorting / Counting systems

4 Individual lanes to count and mix your items together accurately.

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Singulator 1LR

Sorting / Counting systems

This machine separates bulk products into single file, then can precisely count the products as they are grouped into the next stage, such as secondary packaging, holding hopper, or integrated into another machine. Can count and sort various different products such as pillow pack chips, candy bars, snack packs, and more. Great for creating variety […]

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Singulator 1LT

Sorting / Counting systems

Place bulk products into the intelligent layout of vibrating plates with multiple channels that spread the products evenly over the width of the plates to be accurately counted for placement in smaller packages or variety packs. Versatile product capabilities, ranging from confectionery, snacks, detergents, hardware, all the way to fresh or frozen foods such as […]

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Stick Pack VFFS

VFFS (320-730)

Vertical Form Fill and Seal

This cutting-edge machine combines the functions of forming, filling, and sealing bags in a vertical orientation, maximizing productivity and minimizing waste. With its intuitive controls and adjustable settings, it accommodates various bag sizes and types, making it ideal for industries ranging from food and coffee to hardware, cannabis, and beyond. Multiple models and sizes available!

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Stretch Wrap Systems

Stretch Wrapping Equipment

LPX 3000

This machine utilizes stretch film to tightly secure and protect palletized loads during storage and transportation. With its intuitive controls and customizable settings, it ensures consistent and reliable wrapping, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring product integrity.  

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Weighing Solutions

Multi Head Weighing and Fill Line

Multihead Weigher

Simple low cost Automation: Multi Head Weigher high accuracy, high speed.  Integrate with our conveying solution for a smooth transition.  Place on a CAM bagging line, conveyor or other packaging media under the scale and complete your automation with great productivity.

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CMHW-24 1.6Lt

Multihead Weigher

CAM has a wide range of Multi Head Weighers including a 24 MHW that can be configured to run 1 product or up to 6 different products at the same time.

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Linear Scales (1-4 Lanes)

Linear Head Scales

Linear Scale 1 – 4 Lanes available. Its sleek and compact design seamlessly integrates into any production line, maximizing space utilization while increasing output and accuracy.

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