CAM VFFS Bagging Solutions:

Dual CV-420MN vertical bagging system running cheese at 30ppm each, into pillow packages

This dual 420MN vertical form fill and seal bagging solution is designed to quickly produce small pillow packs. Run one product at once or two products simultaneously into each of bagging machine.

The full system shown includes:

  • 70-Degree Incline Conveyor
  • 20 Multihead Weigher
  • Support Platform
  • Dual Delivery Chute
  • Printer for Date Code
  • 2 x CV-420MN VFFS Bagger

Other VFFS Bagging Solution Videos

Running dog treats at 40ppm into pillow pack

Running pretzel crackers at 24ppm into quad-seal package

Running rice at 20ppm into pillow pack

Running powder at 18ppm into stick pack

Running coffee grind at 21ppm into frac pack

Running nut snack packs at 22ppm into pillow pack