Case Erecting & Sealing Solutions:

CAM Automatic carton weighing and filling solution running pre-wrapped chocolate

This semi-automatic case filling solution automatically weighs the products and fills cartons placed on the indexing conveyor before being manually closed.

The conveyor and scale sensors are synchronized to ensure the cases are stopped in the right location for product filling before the next carton is automatically moved into the filling station. Our multihead weigher automatically measures 55 products based on individual and target weights, and has an ability to run a wide variety of different products.

This packaging line is equipped with a checkweigher that automatically rejects cases that do not meet the target weight requirements, then the cartons are packaged into cases where they are taped closed with our top and bottom case sealer.

Other Case Erecting & Sealing Solution Videos

CAM Automatic case erecting and sealing full line

Top and bottom sealer running cases of various sizes at once

Case erecting and sealing system running magazines into cases

Fully automatic erecting, filling, and sealing bags of chocolate into cases

Automatic case packing hinges by count and sealing