CAM Pre-made bagging Solutions:

Full CR8-250Z pre-made bagging system running dog treats at 25ppm into stand-up pouch

This full pre-made bagging solution is designed to handle a wide variety of products and package styles, run multiple products on one full system with little to no changeover in between. Washdown upgrades available for equipment.

The full system shown includes:

  • 70-degree Inclnce Conveyor
  • 14 Multihead Weigher (Dimple plated)
  • Support Platform
  • CR8-250Z Pre-made Bagger

Other Pre-made Bagging Solution Videos

Running wine gimmies at 50ppm into stand-up pouch

Running seeds (chickpeas) at 30ppm into stand-up pouch

Running yogurt covered blueberries at 21ppm into stand-up pouch

Running coffee beans at 15ppm into flat-bottom pouch

Running powdered soup at 25ppm into stand-up pouch

Running powder stick-packs at 35ppm into stand-up pouch