CAM Pre-made bagging Solutions:

Full CR8-250Z pre-made bagging system running powder soup at 25ppm into stand-up pouch

This pre-made bagging solution is running powder products into a pre-made stand-up pouch, utilizing a dust collecting vacuum system to reduce the mess from the powder within the bagger and air. Optional powder/granule refill systems auger screw feeder or vaccum refill system, ensures constant flow of product into scale.

The full system shown includes:

  • Auger Filler
  • Dust Collector
  • Desiccant Feeder
  • CR8-250L Pre-made Bagger

Other Pre-made Bagging Solution Videos

Running wine gimmies at 50ppm into stand-up pouch

Running seeds (chickpeas) at 30ppm into stand-up pouch

Running yogurt covered blueberries at 21ppm into stand-up pouch

Running coffee beans at 15ppm into flat-bottom pouch

Running dog treats at 25ppm into stand-up pouch

Running powder stick-packs at 35ppm into stand-up pouch