Used in the packaging process to quickly and accurately measure the weight of products. It ensures that the items being packaged are within specified weight limits, helping to maintain consistency and quality control.

Can be integrated with metal detectors or X-ray machines. Along with multiple reject system options.

Top and Bottom Taper

It efficiently applies tape or adhesive to securely seal the top and bottom flaps of corrugated boxes or cartons. By automating this task, this machine enhances productivity, reduces manual labor, and ensures consistent and reliable sealing for storage, shipping, or distribution.

Automatic Case Erector

Efficiently erects and forms cardboard cases. With its advanced automation features and user-friendly controls, it helps maximize productivity while minimizing errors and machine downtime. Its quick-change features make it adaptable to various case sizes and styles, seamlessly integrating into existing production lines

CCE-40E & CCS-50

This integrated system seamlessly combines a high-performance case erector and a robust case sealer, offering a complete end-to-end solution for automating your packaging line.

Automatically erect the case tape the bottom, cases stops at loading station for manually loading or add a pick and place then onto automatic closing with top tape to ensure your packages are securely and consistently sealed.

We offer a wide variety of case erecting and sealing machines to accommodate different case sizes and speed requirements.


This pallet building machine accurately picks and places cases up to 30KG (66 pounds), with advanced human collaborative technology that allows humas to safely work alongside the machine to seamlessly constructs sturdy pallets and streamline your logistics. Max reach of 1,900 mm and 0.05mm repeatability.

Desiccant feeder

This compact and efficient device ensures optimal moisture control by seamlessly dispensing desiccant packets into your product packaging.

With abilities to insert individual Moisture and Odor/Gas Adsorbent packs or Humidity packs for cannabis solutions, this machine will enhance product quality and extend shelf life!