Platforms and Stands

Various options ranging from Stainless Steel Supporting Platforms with safety guardrail and ladder, Simple Support Stands for smaller projects, all the way to custom support stands with secondary isolation platforms.

Constructed with durable materials, they provide a secure platform for packaging equipment while allowing you to maximize floor space and maintaining safety.

L6 Singulator

Counting system for 6 different items or one.  Create the variety flavour of package you wish on demand to the exact count

L4 Singulator

4 Individual lanes to count and mix your items together accurately.

Singulator 1LR

This machine separates bulk products into single file, then can precisely count the products as they are grouped into the next stage, such as a holding hopper, or integrated into another machine.

Can count and sort various different products such as pillow pack chips, candy bars, snack packs, and more.

Singulator 1LT

Place bulk products into the intelligent layout of vibrating plates with multiple channels that spread the products evenly over the width of the plates to be accurately counted for placement in smaller packages or variety packs.

Versatile product capabilities, ranging from confectionery, snacks, detergents, hardware, all the way to fresh or frozen foods such as buns and burgers. (Any product that doesn’t interlock with each other)