CAM Singulating & Counting Solutions:

CAM Singulator 1LR (Roller) counting snack packs at 140ppm into groups of four

The Singulator 1LR utilizes synced roller and sensor technology to efficiently pull individual packages apart for accurately counting and grouping into desired count. With a quick changeover of roller sizes, this machine can count a wide variety of different products such as snack packs and granola bars.

This Singulator 1LR can be integrated into a full variety pack solution, utilizing an index conveyor to transport the secondary variety package to each station, stopping to be loaded with each individual flavor or product before being sealed and palletized.

Other Singulating and Counting Solution Videos

Running chip snack packs at 140ppm into groups of four

Running chocolate eggs at 42ppm x 4 lanes

Running chocolate balls into custom cases, E-commerce solution

Running various foil chocolates into variety container

Running chocolate eggs into bulk 334 (or 48) count cases

Running chocolate balls into variety pack at 48ppm

Running chocolate eggs into groups of 5