CAM Singulating & Counting Solutions:

CAM 6 Lane Singulator counting chocolate balls into custom cases, E-commerce solution

This 6 lane Singulator solution is the perfect versatile counting solution for your e-commerce business, able to run various products and counts on one machine depending on individual orders. The video shows the counted and organized products (as ordered) being sealed in our CR8-250Z Pre-made bagger.

Applicable for creating Mixed/assorted, multi-packs, or single flavour — all on one system and customized to individual ecommerce orders. Can be integrated to drop products into a CAM premade or VFFS bagging machine while having the option to quickly change to a box or carton filling system.

Other Singulating and Counting Solution Videos

Running chip snack packs at 140ppm into groups of four

Running chocolate eggs at 42ppm x 4 lanes

Running snack packs at 140ppm into groups of four

Running various foil chocolates into variety container

Running chocolate eggs into bulk 334 (or 48) count cases

Running chocolate balls into variety pack at 48ppm

Running chocolate eggs into groups of 5